Aluminium Prototype with disposable mold for the automotive sector

From the 3D project of the customer is realized a sand mold which is cast the aluminum alloy desired.

TIME: This technique ensures fast implementation ranging from 7 to 14 days, depending on the complexity of the project
MATERIAL: It uses the same aluminum alloy melt in series
TREATMENT: You can also do mechanical tooling on the prototype as well as leak testing and other pre-processing, verifying the quality of the project.

Benefits for the research and development department:

  • Quickly evaluate metal part design
  • Saving time and money
  • Produce metal prototypes in almost any metal material
  • Allow testing of the part in the actual production materials
  • Produce metal parts without expensive tooling
  • Reduce sampling time
  • Reduce lead time

The cycle of the metal rapid prototyping:

  1. Analysis of 3D mathematical model (feasibility study, construction drafts casting systems and simulation) 
  2. Modeling of prestampo with parametric 3D CAD 
  3. Printing sampleswith 3D printing machine (high-speed complex shapes are obtained, even in the undercut, made in sand croning that can be employed in the foundry) 
  4. Casting, deburring and sandblasting 
  5. Any subsequent machining