New Cyborgmag

CyborgAnother successful case where Alunetwork collaborated for the construction of the aluminum parts that make up the NewCybormag

attached the full case study that describes all phases of project development

inverter for the photovoltaic industry

inverter-fotovoltaicoIn this case Alunetwork collaborated with the customer to build an inverter for the photovoltaic industry, starting from the draft of the final product as we discover Alunetwork has managed to bring the customer a solution that more advantageous ...

> SAVINGS: Champion in one week
> EURO SAVED: 35% on production equipment

Biomedical chariot


A light alloy chariot was designed and made, going beyond the techniques used until now and reaching in such a way the required standards of lightness, payload, and reliability. All this at a competitive price and in a very short time.

> TIME SAVED: 2 months as regards design
> MONEY SAVED: 20% on the total cost of the project

Telecommunications - Corpex

corpexApplication in the field of energy transport and telecommunications.
From the draft of the part we have developed fully 3D design for the casting technology.

> EURO SAVED: 40% on the cost of the final piece

Find out how to Alunettwork identified the technical solution to achieve the performance objectives.