inverter for the photovoltaic industry

inverter-fotovoltaicoIn this case Alunetwork collaborated with the customer to build an inverter for the photovoltaic industry, starting from the draft of the final product as we discover Alunetwork has managed to bring the customer a solution that more advantageous ...

> SAVINGS: Champion in one week
> EURO SAVED: 35% on production equipment

Customer requirements:

  • Reduce the risk on the initial investment
  • Quickly exhibiting in fairs
  • Using the sample for thermal tests on the product
  • Cheap initial investment
  • Reduce the times of production


  • Customer-supplier co-design appointed to a die-casting series production
  • Aluminium billet casting samples, final painting inclusive in 2 weeks
  • Mechanical and technical tests
  • Molds realization, low-cost initial investment to test the market, and prospective chance of changing technology without variation of price

Benefit for the customer:

  • Significant reduction of the time required to develop a new design
  • A better service is offered
  • Quick increase in knowledge
  • A new proposal to the market and advanced design
  • Products made of a light, pliant, and resistant alloy
  • Protective anti-corrosive treatments
  • Recyclable material
  • A backward step: this is the end of disposable items
  • An eternal product!