Alunetwork faces the Iranian market

2 Stampo prototipo rapido sabbiaIran has always been a very attractive market for Italian industry. thanks to its growing commercial expansion Alunetwork overlooking the Iranian market.

There have been several Iranian companies interested in light aluminum alloys casting made in Italy. The 40 years business know-how and continuous investment in technology make Alunetworkan attractive partner for the development of new projects and products.

 Alunetwork companies, of which he is the leader, will be key partners for the development of products in light aluminum alloys intended for the energy and rail freight sector, areas where Alunetwork has gained concrete experience bringing considerable advantages in terms of cost and time, to customers that in partnership they deliver new products. The containment of costs and time in the design phase of a new product is critical to the success of a project and for production; Alunetwork thanks to rapid prototyping services and casting simulation is indispensable supplier for companies intent on developing new products.